The "Beverley" Mill Engine Plant

During the mid 90's, I produced a series of Mill Plants and one in particular that I liked the most was the plant illustrated above.

The plant consists of a horizontal Mill Engine driving a dynamo which supply’s electricity to the street lamp.  A shaft driven water pump delivers water to a vertical boiler which is fired by butane gas that provides steam to drive the Mill Engine.  A water tank of ample size supply’s the boiler which will give about 45 minutes steaming time at approximately 400 rpm.  The exhaust steam passes to a steam oil separator; the oil in the steam drops down inside the separator and the exhaust steam then passes out and up the exhaust pipe attached to the chimney.

The boiler is made from copper tube, silver soldered and then pressure tested to 150 psi.  The boiler is heated via a ceramic burner situated beneath the boiler giving sufficient heat to generate steam pressure up to 80 psi.  There are ample steam valves around the plant for controlling the passage of water, steam and exhaust steam each being connect by polished copper piping adding to the attraction of this fine model.

The plant is mounted on a 356mm x 356mm brass polished chequer baseplate bolted to a polished hardwood base with blue baize beneath.

If the plant is a gift for someone, or a retirement present, why not personalise it by fitting an engraved brass name plaque, made to special order.

Size: 356mm x 356mm
RPM: Approximately 400 rpm
Boiler Pressure: 80 psi

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