Richmond Engine

The “Richmond" ~ a "V" oscillating engine built to a high standard and specification not available from other manufacturers.  It will steam at pressures of over 80 psi continuously.  To achieve this performance the "Richmond" is manufactured to a high standard and design specification.  The engine frame is a rigid cast bronze lost wax casting that resists deflection under load, which causes steam leakage between cylinders and the frame.  This is a common fault with some fabricated frames resulting in loss of power and performance.

The stainless steel crankshaft is supported within stainless steel sealed ball roller bearings for long life and lusty performance.  The centre-line of the shaft is placed in the plane of the engine bearings thus allowing the weight to be kept as low as possible within the boat and also reducing headroom requirements.  The cylinders have a conventional gland nut and "O" ring seal to the piston rod and the “big ends” are hardened steel illustrating the detail given to this fine engine for long life and performance.

The engine is supplied with a displacement lubricator offline of the mains stream line to give efficient performance.  A blow down valve consisting of a 3/32" diameter globe valve with extended piping to overcome the "hot finger" problem is fitted below the lubricator.  This can be extended to a more convenient position such as a major control box at desk level.

The instantaneous smooth and positive speed control of the engine speed from almost zero revolutions to maximum speed in forward and reverse direction is controlled by a simple vertical lever situated between then engine cylinders.  This is suitable for radio control and gives the boat modeller positive full control of speed and direction when competing in club competitions.

Adding the "Richmond's" shaft driven water pump can extend steaming time.  This can be purchased separately at a later date and fitted without any modifications.

The engine is supplied fully assembled and painted in a high quality stone enamelled paint that is cured in a high temperature oven at 165 degrees.  Brass work is polished.

The engine is fully tested before despatch and guaranteed for quality and performance.

When selecting a steam plant it is very important to bear in mind the conditions of the pond where you plan to sail your model.  There are very few ponds in the UK without choppy water or free of wind.  We often see boats moving sideways or even backwards under these conditions.  Therefore it is essential that the steam plant has reserved power to deal with these adverse weather conditions.  John Hemmens steam plants have been designed with this in mind.

Owners of Richmond engines report that they are being used in hulls up to 50" in length steaming at pressures in the range of 33-50 psi.  The Richmond has a considerable advantage over its competitors with the additional power capability held in reserve.

The “Richmond” Engine is the most suitable engine with power to spare for driving the “Formidable”, the “Chimaera”, and “Lady Jane” boat where it will drive a four blade course pitch 75mm propeller.

To compliment the "Richmond" John Hemmens offers a range of boilers of both vertical and horizontal with a full range of fittings and tested to 150 psi (10.5) bar.

Engine bore: 10mm
Engine configuration: "V" oscillating.
The “Richmond” engine comes complete with lubricator and drain valve.

All my products are individually made for you.  I therefore require a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the model price and the balance on notification that your order is ready for despatch.

Your order will be acknowledged and an invoice will be sent to you confirming receipt of your payment and delivery date.  Please note our terms and conditions.

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