Wharfedale Boiler & Engine Plant

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The illustration shows the “Wharfedale” boiler mounted on a common bedplate with the “Richmond” twin cylinder steam engine and a steam oil separator.

The boiler can be fitted with either the “Richmond” engine or “York” engine and a steam oil separator.  These can be purchased as single items.

The “Wharfedale” boiler is constructed from copper components and silver soldered.  The boiler is stoved with high temperature paint at 175 degrees C.  The boiler is lagged with individual hardwood planks and held by stainless steel bands.  To improve the boiler performance it is fitted with a ceramic burner.  The finished boiler is pressure tested to 150 psi for continuous working pressure of up to 80 psi.  A test certificate is supplied with the boiler confirming the test and guarantee of quality.

The boiler is fitted with a water filler bush, pressure gauge, water gauge glass and blowdown valve, safety valve, vacuum valve, steam on/off valve, ceramic gas burner, gas pipe and gas on/off valve.

The white/cream stove painted chimney is pre-drilled for the exhaust pipe bracket should you wish to extend the exhaust pipe alongside the chimney and also includes a polished brass flared top.

This plant is suitable for installation in all my boat products with ample power to drive your boat satisfactory.

Dia: 90mm
Length: 140mm
Max Working Pressure: 80 psi
Test Pressure: 150 psi

All my products are individually made for you.  I therefore require a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the model price and the balance on notification that your order is ready for despatch.

Your payment can be made by cheque, PayPal or credit/debit card.  Your order will be acknowledged and an invoice will be sent to you confirming receipt of your payment and delivery date.  Please note our terms and conditions.

The deposit for this model is £257.00

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