Chimaera POF Boat Kit

The kit has been prepared to produce a model at 1/2inch to 1ft scale having a length of 47 inches a beam of 8 inches and a draft of 31/2 inches.

The "Chimaera" is a plank on frame, all wood construction.  The bulkheads for the plank on frame kit are made from 4mm grade "A" birch plywood for fitting at 32mm intervals.  The pattern for the hull has been produced by computer and machined to produce an accurate hull shape.

The parts are bridge in for easy removal.  Ample hardwood strips for decking and other areas are included.

A specially made jig is supplied for holding the bulkheads and when planking the hull to ensure that no twisting takes place.

The cabin is laser cut hardwood to form a most realistic cabin in polished hardwood.  The masts are from taper turned hardwood.  A comprehensive set of fittings are also supplied in brass and gunmetal.  The propeller is a four blade course pitch with a stainless steel propeller shaft supported in roller bearings.

Scale: 1" to 1ft
Length: 1190 mm
Beam: 200 mm
Draft: 90 mm

All my products are individually made for you.  I therefore require a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the model price and the balance on notification that your order is ready for despatch.

Your order will be acknowledged and an invoice will be sent to you confirming receipt of your payment and delivery date.  Please note our terms and conditions.

The deposit for this model is £330.00

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